GitGitLab: Gitlab Git Plugin

GitGitLab integrates Gitlab in your git flow.

With GitGitlab, you can create projects, clone them and set them as remote source without leaving the command line.


sudo pip install gitgitlab


$ git init
$ git touch 'readme.txt'
$ git add readme.txt
$ git commit -am 'initial commit'
$ git lab create -t my_project            # Creates project my_project and adds it as remote
  Project my_project created on Gitlab
$ git remotes

Command overview

git lab list
List your Gitlab projects
git lab create <project name>
Create a project on Gitlab
git lab track <project name>
Set this project as remote for your local repository.
git lab open <project name>
Open a Gitlab project page. If <project name> is omitted, uses the project on the ‘gitlab’ remote of the repository on the current directory.
git lab clone
Clone a Gitlab project.
git lab auth
Reset the Gitlab authorization token.

Listing your projects

git lab list lists all the projects that you own and their repository url.

Creating a new project

git lab create <project_name> creates a new private project on Gitlab.

git lab create <project_name> –track creates a new private project and sets it up as remote.

Setting up an existing project to track the local repository

git lab track <project_name> Adds a gitlab project as remote.

Opening the project page

git lab open <project_name> Opens the project page on the default browser.

Cloning a project

git lab clone <project_name> Clones the project.

Obtaining help

git lab help
git lab <command> –help
Help for a specific command.

Using it from Python

To use gitgitlab from Python, import gitgitlab.client.

Using a custom Gitlab server

By default, gitgitlab uses as the Gitlab server url. If you are using your own Gitlab server, you can configure it using git config.

Configure your custom Gitlab server globally:

$ git config --global --replace-all gitlab.url <your server url>

Configure your custom Gitlab server only for the current repository:

$ git config --replace-all gitlab.url <your server url>

gitgitlab will try to connect to <your server url>/api/v3

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